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Restructuring 2014

26 Nov 2014

After the AGM we have gone ahead with redeveloping the site to improve the service we provide to members and the public. Please read this statement from the Chairman.

Changes are often necessary and always are hard to make.

Chairmanís Statement 26/11/14

As many members know we have been running things at Alton Water a little differently this year and on the whole the staff, members and public have found the small changes beneficial. At the AGM I pointed out that in order to make these changes sustainable we needed to undergo a restructure to allow the staff to be flexible and continue to provide the services we do.

Our staff were included in this restructuring process and a new staff structure was created, this was shown to members at the AGM. We have decided to create new roles with clear qualifications for each role. This was all done openly and in agreement with the staff.

As the roles were clearly different from existing roles we decided to see if we could assimilate the current staff into each role. Sadly there was no role for one person and redundancy was offered which was accepted in good grace. The others we invited for interview to see if their qualifications and aspirations allowed us to offer them the new roles. If there was more than one application for one role then the process would be competitive. We asked our staff to indicate, in order of preference, their interest in each role.

We have completed the interview process for the new roles of Membership Secretary and Principal. We only had one candidate for the Principal post. As per our responsibilities to our staff we are obliged to offer that post to any internal candidate who demonstrates a satisfactory proposal and application. I am pleased to say that this post has been filled.

The role of Membership Secretary had two applicants from our staff.  Both gave a good account of themselves but it was clear among the interview panel that one candidate had vision and enthusiasm as well as the necessary qualifications for the post. It was made clear to both candidates that this was a competitive process.

Sadly the other member of staff has decided not to accept the offer of their indicated second preference. We will be sad to see him leave after many years of service to the centre.

We will be advertising for candidates to fill that particular role.

These changes will come into effect immediately.

Invasive species

01 Nov 2014

This week we have been advised by Anglian Water that Quagga mussels have been found in the uk.They have asked us to put some control measures in to try and make sure we dont get them here at Alton.This means that we need people to come to the office before going on the water to sign in so we can keep a check on numbers, any boats arriving also need to be washed in hot water and dried before arriving on site

Winter Dinghy Racing Series 2014

09 Oct 2012


Our popular Winter Racing Series starts on Sunday 26th October.

PLEASE NOTE: The clocks go BACK at 2am on Sunday 26th October.

  • The series consists of 9 race days with 2 races back-to-back each race day.
  • 18 races with 13 to count.
  • First race start not before 11am each Sunday.
  • Visitors are very welcome and series boat storage for visitors can usually be arranged for a small fee, see Notice of Race.
  • For members, this series is Race Card eligible.

If you already have a username and password, on-line entry is available here, along with the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

For those who wish to enter on-line but do not have a username or password, please look here to get instructions on how to set them up, then use the link above to enter.

2014 AGM Minutes & Chairman's Presentations

22 Oct 2014

Minutes of the 2014 AGM and a copy of the Chairman's presentations can be viewed here.

Alton Water Sailors on Twitter

22 Oct 2014

One of the first acts of the new sailing committee was to try to get more people informed of our sailing activities (racing and cruising) - our new Twitter account is part of this.  

Please follow us @SailAltonWater and please spread the word to your followers.

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