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16 Sep 2018

Dear All,

What a disappointing summer, perhaps one of the best summers weather-wise for a long time and our Landlord, Anglian water, had to close the water due to Algae issues due to safety reasons.

Whilst it was initially hoped and envisaged that this would only be for a week or so at worst, there are still no signs of the water being opened in the next couple of weeks, although this may change with the cooler weather, winds and increased rainfall.

To add to all this, Anglian water, after some 40 years of 3 year rolling leases, have advised us that they are reviewing their options for park and at this stage they are only willing to renew our lease in a format that would give us occupation rights on a very short term basis and not allow us to continue in the same manner as which we have become accustomed.

We have had numerous meetings on this and are seeking to persuade Anglian Water to reconsider. There has been some significant movement over recent days. We will try to keep members up to date as and when we can but at present there is little of any substance to reveal. We are hopeful, we will be able to resume use of the water and be able to give you positive news about the future very soon.

Yours faithfully

Mark Hainsworth

Chairman of Alton Water Sports Centre Charity.

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