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Schools Regatta 2016 - Y&Y Article

11 Jul 2016

Thanks to Martin Pavey for writing an entertaining report on the Schools Regatta which has now been published on the Yachts & Yachting website, see

Schools Regatta 2016 - UPDATED RESULTS

01 Jul 2016


Many thanks to all of yesterday's competitors, the army of volunteers (including parents) and Alton Water staff, supporters and visitors who made the regatta such a memorable day for so many.

We look forward to seeing many of you back again next year.

Updated results from the regatta can be found here.

Schools Regatta Thursday 30th June 2016

16 May 2016

Alton Water is proud to again host the annual  Schools Regatta on Thursday 30th June.

This regatta is put on as the result of a great deal of help and organisation by many volunteers. Every year, every one of those volunteers feels it was all worth it to see the kids perform. But most importantly, every year the kids love it; they love racing and racing for their school. They love the water, the atmosphere and have a great day out. For spectators too, the sight of many boats out on the water in all colours, shapes and sizes is a highlight of the year. So come on down and see the kids get away from their studies and compete at Alton Water for their school.

The Regatta Booking Pack is now available and can be found here

The Schools Entry spreadsheet mentioned in the booking pack can be downloaded here.

The Notice of Race is also available here.

Sailing Instructions are available here.

Dinghy Compound

06 Jun 2016

We would like to advise members that over the coming weeks the Centre staff will be making some changes to the dinghy compound. This will include renumbering slots and possibly reallocating some craft into more suitable positions. Should your craft be moved you will of course be notified by e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding these changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your patience during this period.


Alton Water Fair play

05 Apr 2016

Alton Water Fair play

Message from the Chairman

I would like to remind all users of Alton water that we are a family orientated water sports facility.

We would like all users to enjoy the facility in a safe manner and feel comfortable that they can. We therefore encourage competition in a safe and inclusive environment for all ages and abilities and would like to remind everyone of the underpinning ethos of sailing.

Within the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing there are defined rules relating to how we behave toward fellow competitors on the water. We are all here to enjoy ourselves competing within that common set of rules and my plea to all of you is to behave within the intentions of the rules and with respect to all.

Your attention is drawn particularly to Rule 2 Fair Sailing and to Rule 69 which deals with gross misconduct. Please read and comply with the Racing Rules of Sailing and for those of you with greater knowledge and experience than others, be reasonable and honest in your expectations of others.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, please refrain from bullying or intimidating other competitors when a simple request for room or other such rule affirmation will suffice.

As a result of recent occurrences we feel we have to bring this to the attention of all competitors and that having been done, we will be vigilant in policing these aspects of our sport. Please take this statement in the sense it is intended so that we can all enjoy the nip and tuck of this most special of sports in an enjoyable atmosphere.

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