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Chairman's report and AGM minutes

18 Dec 2015

Please find attached the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting. Thank you to all those who attended and it was an enjoyable evening.

At the meeting we presented last years accounts and were pleased to be able to report that the recent trend in negative end result seems to have been halted for last year anyway. There have been some efficiencies made with staffing and we are pleased to report that things seem to be running well.
We appointed a membership secretary to help provide the members with what they want. Alton water is proud that we have a large membership and we operate as a pay and play sailing club and hopefully we do so in a manner that is satisfactory for the users. Despite being a pay and play service we offer cheap membership and storage, we offer regular water based activities and provide the organisation and safety cover for most of these events. The reservoir is often used by a variety of users and we plan on increasing the appeal of the water to even more people.
But we would like to hear from you. Is there anything you as members would like us to introduce? do more of?do less of? etc. Please contact Adam and we will try to accommodate your ideas.
We do realise that the building does limit many activities that we could do. so this year we have been in discussion with Anglian Water (our landlords) and have started preliminary discussions about a new centre. This would be part funded by them and the other part by us. So we have set up a development committee to look at raising funds so we can start to plan a new ​​building. With the new building we hope we can accommodate you, the members, in more comfort. We would like to host more evening events and more fun events so that the membership can enjoy the water a little more and we hope we can encourage you to play a little more.

Over the last few years we have frozen membership fees and storage fees. Sadly we had to renegotiate our lease this year and there has been a modest increase in the rent we need to pay. We will have to raise fees by 5% in general this year but we will offer a discount to early payers and will offer packages for storage, race cards,etc, to ease this. We also have a more defined part year membership and storage scheme as space will allow. See the web site for details.
Also re the web site, We are Looking at improving the customer interface... 
The board wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope to see as many of you as we can for the Frostbite series starting on the 3rd January.

Dinghy Park tie down!

22 Oct 2010

Dinghies and other craft are required to be tied down when stored in our dinghy park.  This is because in high winds, craft can be lifted and projected across the park, causing considerable damage.  This is not theoretical, it happens. Insurance companies generally require that your craft be tethered for the same reason so if your craft is damaged as a result of not being tethered, you may not have insurance cover...

If your craft has not been tethered or you cannot quite remember whether you tethered it after it was last used, please come down to Alton Water ASAP to check.

Barts Bash 20th September

12 Sep 2015

Barts Bash Largest Sailing Event In The World

Alton Water is proud to be joining the largest sailing race in the world. There will be a few things going on, first we have the main race for series sailors, secondly we have windsurf racing and thirdly we have barts buddies, this is open to all, even non sailors. Click here for more infomation and details of how to book.

Make a Regatta out of it and Join the Single Handed race on the 19th September.

Suffolk Schools Regatta 2015 - RESULTS

25 Jun 2015


Many thanks to all of today's competitors, the army of volunteers (including parents), supporters and visitors who made the regatta such a memorable day for so many.

We look forward to seeing many of you back again next year.

Results from today's regatta can be found here.

A small selection of photographs from the event can be seen here.

Suffolk schools

24 Jun 2015

As you know this is something I am proud of. At Alton water we teach hundreds of children a year how to sail and we offer schools a discounted coaching programme. SWSA was an association that promoted sailing to our schools as a bona fide sport and we have supported them (and they us) in persuading some schools and parents that sailing is a great activity and a bona fide sport for kids, and everyone, an alternative to cricket and rounders if you like.

Sailing is a green sport that teaches children several sciences and maths as well as self reliance and problem solving. What's not to like about it as an activity? Sailing is competitive yet friendly and all participants are winners and all racers soon become friends, so what's not to like about it as a sport?
The regatta tomorrow gives kids a chance to show off their skills and represent their schools in what for some will be their first and for others, yet another, regatta. 
This regatta is put on as the result of a great deal of help and organisation by many volunteers. Every year, every one of those volunteers feels it was all worth it to see the kids perform. I, personally, owe those volunteers a great deal of thanks. as it is not only the children and the schools that benefit but it is all those who come to Alton Water tomorrow or any other day that also benefits from events such as tomorrow's.
But most importantly, every year the kids love it. they love racing and racing for their school. they love the water, the atmosphere and have a great day out. For spectators too the sight of many boats out on the water in all colours, shapes and sizes is a highlight of the year. So come on down and see the kids get away from their studies (and in some cases their Xboxes I am sure) and compete at Alton water for their school.

Mark Hainsworth

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