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Phantom Open 2018

15 Oct 2018

It's time for the annual Alton Water Phantom Open when we are happy to welcome all Phantom sailors for competitive racing over the weekend of 20th/21st October 2018.

Notice of Race can be found here and Sailing Instructions here.

Racing volunteers

06 Oct 2018

As you'll have read we have a plan up to the 20th 21st October, but we still have very few volunteers to support our plans. If we are keep costs of racing down we do need people to step up to the mark. We are generally sorted for this weekend with John and Steve doing od duty. I'll need to step into a support boat as we have no suitable volunteers as yet. Next weekend for lemons hill we could do with some support for the centre in the form of support boat crews and someone to Od.

The following weekend 20 /21there will be Abi's race training session and the rs300 Phantom Open.
I'll be od but we still need an Aod and support boat volunteers.

We need to discuss the requirement for the Winter Series that will run from 28th Oct to 23rd Dec. The intention is to charge £30 for the 9 Sundays anybody with big discounts for those who do a duty either od aod or rescue. We need to know who is willing to help so Abi has a chance to plan cover for those days we fail to cover all the duties. Don't forget you need your Pb2 to do rescue driver.

We'll discuss before tomorrow's briefing. 
Please to make this work for everyone we all need to take a small part of the load.

Problems with Santander

27 Sep 2018

As some of our customers are aware, the Centre has been having problems with our bank, Santander.

There has been a banking error, as explained in a recent communication from Santander.

Please click here to see the letter we received from Santander on 26 September regarding this problem.

Please rest assured that we are doing all we can to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Water Open

26 Sep 2018

We’re delighted to say the Blue-green algae levels at Alton Water have reduced significantly and the blooms have stopped.
After a series of clear samples taken over 24 hours, we are satisfied the levels are now back to normal and water sports can resume.

More from the Chair

17 Sep 2018

Dear All

Further to my previous post I can inform you that progress over the new lease is being made and we are dealing with several sticking issues in conjunction with Anglian Water. Things are progressing thanks to both parties understanding each other and moving towards a common ground which will be to the benefit of you all. both Anglian water and ourselves are dedicated to make sure that the Alton water experience improves for you all as well as for other users of the water.

Can I please remind people that we are trying our hardest to solve all the issues that we face and are doing so at considerable cost to ourselves time and effort wise in order that sailing can resume for you all.

We (Anglian Water and ourselves) cannot be held responsible for what has happened this summer. BG algae is a fact of life in inland waters and we have to live with that. It is unfortunate that the algae happened at the same time as we are also negotiating over our lease to be allowed to continue to operate. The negotiations are progressing. We as a board of trustees will inform you all with what is happening when negotiations are complete. We will also inform you what is happening with regard to the Algae as soon as we can. Levels are dropping and we can all hope that we will be allowed to use the water soon. Please be patient.

Yours Mark Hainsworth

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