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Chairman's Letter

16 Sep 2018

Dear All,

What a disappointing summer, perhaps one of the best summers weather-wise for a long time and our Landlord, Anglian water, had to close the water due to Algae issues due to safety reasons.

Whilst it was initially hoped and envisaged that this would only be for a week or so at worst, there are still no signs of the water being opened in the next couple of weeks, although this may change with the cooler weather, winds and increased rainfall.

To add to all this, Anglian water, after some 40 years of 3 year rolling leases, have advised us that they are reviewing their options for park and at this stage they are only willing to renew our lease in a format that would give us occupation rights on a very short term basis and not allow us to continue in the same manner as which we have become accustomed.

We have had numerous meetings on this and are seeking to persuade Anglian Water to reconsider. There has been some significant movement over recent days. We will try to keep members up to date as and when we can but at present there is little of any substance to reveal. We are hopeful, we will be able to resume use of the water and be able to give you positive news about the future very soon.

Yours faithfully

Mark Hainsworth

Chairman of Alton Water Sports Centre Charity.

Opening times

23 Jul 2018

The centre will be closing at 5 pm until the water is open again 

Water Closed

20 Jul 2018

As you may have seen in the media this week ‘blue green algae’ has been detected in a number of bodies of water across the UK. This algae is commonly found in water across the UK and is only a problem if it multiplies, known as a ‘bloom’This can happen as a result of hot weather, such as the long hot spell the nation has been experiencing over the recent weeks. 


We regularly test the quality of the water in all of our reservoirs over the summer to be sure it is of its usual high standard and safe for water sports. 


Today (Friday 20 July), blooms of blue green algae have been detected at Alton Water and we have taken the decision to temporarily close the water sports facilities and the Aqua Park with immediate effect as a precaution.  


While we know this will be disappointing for people booked into the Aqua Park or expecting to use the water sports facilities, the safety of the visitors is our top priority.  We will be testing the water twice daily and will reopen the facilities once algal levels return to normal.



Aqua Park customers

If you are booked into the Aqua Park over the coming days, your session will unfortunately be cancelled. Aqua Park will be contacting individual customers to reschedule bookings as soon as the algal levels are back to normal.  If that’s not possible, you will be reimbursed for your session.  Please contact Aqua Park directly about your booking. 


Water Sports Centre customers

If you have bookings with the Water Sports Centre at Alton Water, your sessions will be cancelled. Please contact the Water Sports Centre directly. 01473 328 408 


Campsite customers

Alton Water is still open to campsite customers and visitors wanting to walk or cycle around the reservoir, or to enjoy the tea room. However, access to the water is not permitted.  


Dog walkers

Please note dogs should be kept on a lead at all times and should not be allowed to enter the water at any point. 



We are sorry for the disappointment caused to visitors who will no doubt have been looking forward to their day out. We know the Aqua Park is hugely popular, as are the other water sports facilities, but algal blooms are a natural occurrence and therefore difficult to predict or prevent. 


We will keep this page updated with information. You can register for updates on this topic at


Please do check for updates before you make the trip.




13 Jul 2018


As from tomorrow, Anglia Water will be manning the gates and taking payment for all visitors entering the park. 


MEMBERS – Please ensure you display your 2018 car stickers.  As long as your sticker is displayed you will not have to pay. 


NON-MEMBERS - If you are a day access user, you will be required to purchase a parking ticket on entry. We will then validate your ticket so that you can get a refund from the info centre.


  Any questions please contact the office. 


Suffolk Schools Regatta - RESULTS

30 Jun 2018

After much deliberation and checking of results, the Race Committee are please to be able to publish the results of the regatta.

There are some changes to the on-the-day provisional results which affect the prize winners. These changes will be followed through by AWSC via appropriate Team Managers from the affected schools. This may take a few days to action, so please be patient.

The results can be found here.

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