Sunday 14th April

We had a rather chilly race train session today with some great tips and advice from John Glasspool, Rob Campbell Grey and Ben Powell. We had a strong turnout of junior Laser sailors who just got quicker all day.Jasmine in her Pico really got the boat going as did Trevor in the Feva. Noah in the Topper really kept in contention with the faster boats

At the end of the session we had two short scratch races both won by Rob Ford in his RS 300 with Rob CG and Ben pressing him. What was really impressive in both races was the way everyone was on the line at the start and how close such a mixed fleet was at the windward mark.

With some very variable conditions sight of the day had to be Oli and Alex in the 400 on a 3 sail reach at speed or was it Ben in his Aero at speed in a personal humungous gust.

Next week on Sunday thats Easter Sunday we are intending to do some course racing probably three to four races Chocolate Eggs for prizes, however I do need three volunteers , one for race officer and two for rescue boat one with PB2

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  1. Sunday 30th June Exams are over. Four races three to count for the day and all races contribute to the June series. Payment zero if you are signed into the June series otherwise its £5 for the day.

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